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Volume :2021-09-01-00

Ravan Chhaya- a Traditional Shadow Puppetry of Odisha State, India

Shadow puppet theatre is different from all other folk art forms. Ravana Chhaya, literally ‘the shadow of Ravana’, is more than a 6000-year-old shadow puppet show of Odisha State. The show starts at night with a good tradition of breaking the coconut and offering to Lord Ganehsa- commences with Sri Ganesha Vandana- song/hymns singing on Lord Ganesha, Ganesha is the Lord who clears off all the obstacles. Also hymns are sung on Lord Rama. The soul of a Ravana-Chhaya performance is its music. The style of Singing blends the folk and classical Odissi traditions. The show follows the Odia poetry collection, Vichitra Ramayana written by Vishwanath Khuntia, a seventeenth-century poet.