Our Members

Raghu Srinivasan - President

A Post Graduate in Engineering. Presently working as an Implementation’s Manager at a Leading Software Development Company at Hyderabad. Has a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the knowledge addition through Visual arts for the school going children.

Padmini R - Director

Recipient of Tata Fellowship in Folklore 2012-2013

an M.Phil in Sociology, Postgraduate in Social Work, P.G. Diploma in Women's Studies, having long associated with cultural & art forms acquired vast knowledge and versatile expertise. Characterized by strong enthusiasm, envisaged and passionately striving to bring-in radical changes into the training methodology for imparting knowledge to learners. Being a Founder Member and Director is very instrumental in setting up this organization in order to accomplish the envisaged objectives of imparting knowledge and skills through unique and innovative training methodology by effectively synchronizing theater art forms such as Puppetry with education, as "Educational Puppetry".

D.B.Patil - Scientist

Post Graduate in Physics and working with Aviation Research Centre.

Currently based in New Delhi.

Roopa D.Patil

Post Graduate in Mathematics and is a Teacher based in New Delhi.

T.Rangarajen - Retired Senior Officer

S.C Railways Hubli. Expert in Five Indian Langauges, Translator, Drama Artists, AIR -Dharwad Artist, Has more than 20 years of experience in Theatre and Radio.

Smt. Kumuda Rangarajan

Home Maker, trained in classical dance and music.

R. Vijayaraghavan - Director Finance,

M.B.A, LL.B , Karnatak University Blue in Cricket, Working in Angola, South Africa.

Smt. Lakshmi Rajgopal

Senior Stenographer State Bank of Mysore, Hubli.

Smt. Padmaja Krishnamachari

Home Maker, Hyderabad

A.Neeraja Rajkumar

Beautician and Volunteers and works towards the betterment of Education / Community Development.


Businessman and Volunteers and works towards the betterment of Education and Community Development.

Smt.Sudha Neelamraju

Volunteer and stage designer.

Honorary Advisory Board Members

Mr. V. Shashikumar

Scientist and Director of Ananth Technologies Ltd, Hyderabad

Dr. Pavani

Child Specilist, Educationist and Trainer.

Interested individuals, art teachers and associates of theatre arts can register to actively participate in all events of Sphoorthi Theatre.