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Workshop / Orientation

  • History of Traditional Puppetry at 262 "Role of Puppetry in Education" for Govt School Teachers at CCRT, HITECH CITY, HYDERABAD
    on Oct 4 2018.

  • Glove Puppet making session at CCRT, Hyderabad- :262 "Role of Puppetry in Education" workshop session for Government School teachers from Five States- Telangana, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Uttarakand, and Gujarat on Oct 5th 2018.

  • Mask and Finger Puppet making training session- :262 "Role of Puppetry in Education" for Govt. School Teachers from Maharashtra, Uttarakand, Gujarat, West Bengal and Telangana at CCRT, Hi-tech City Hyderabad on Oct 5th 2018.

  • "July 20, 2018- Extension Lecture on :Indian Puppetry" at English and Foreign Language University-EFLU for International students from 25 nationalities.

  • Summer Class - "Puppet making with waste", May 10-12 2018.

  • Stick Puppet making workshop at Indian People High School, Raidurg Darga, Hyderabad. Feb 10-12 2018.

  • Feb 9, 2018 - Extension lecture on "Indian Puppetry" at -EFLU -English and Foreign Language University for the international students from from 45 nationalities.

  • Role of Puppetry in Education 256th Workshop for All India Government School Teachers from January3 to 17th, 2018 by Centre for Cultural Resources and Training-CCRT, Madhapur, Hyderabad