Gallery - Schools

  • Sphoorthi Theatre in association with Adhya Educational Society organized for “Chitra Varnan” - Theme based on the spot drawing competition at for fours schools at J.M.J High School, Shaligouraram , Nalgonda District On October 13, 2017.

Sri Rama Krishna Math - Sri Sarada Bala Vidya Kendra The puppet play was organized on the Annual Closing Day on April. 08, 2010.

  • Sphoorthi Theatre presented Puppet show at Sri Sarada Bala Vidya Kendra-A wing of Sri Rama Krishna Math, Domalguda Hyderabad on the occasion of annual Day celebration.
  • Sri Sarada Bala Vidya Kendra conducts evening schools to help children from slum areas.
  • A puppet show presented by the budding angels and warriors of Sphoorthi Theatre. Story writing, script writing, dialogues and voice rendering was done by the little puppeteers : Srilekha, Anagha, Raviteja, Anirudh, Sriteja and Miss Puja. Puppet manipulation was done by Ms. Sureka, Ms Neeraja and Mr. Praveen.

Importance of Education and Ownership for village over all development.

  • Vandemataram Foundataion-Council for Green Revolution-on"Community Responsibility" and "Community Ownership" awareness building towards owning the government schools, its functions, progress and also strengthening it. The Interactive Puppet plays were held in Zilla Parishad High Schools-ZPHS at Amangal Mandal, Veldanda Mandal and Kalvakurthy Mandal of Mahaboobnagar District and Ranga Reddy District from June-September 2011 " Tree Plantation", " Conservation of Environment and Nature"
  • Education, Empowerment Konapur Upper Primary High School, Amangal Mandal, Mehaboobnagar District, Andhra Pradesh on February 2, 2011.

  • Education as tool of Empowerment at Kotra Zilla Parishad High School, Veldanda Mandal, Mehaboobnagar Andhra Pradesh on January 28, 2011.

  • Sri Aurobindo International School Osmania University Road, Hyderabad on November14, 2004, Children's Day Celebration for Nursery, PPT-I & PPT-II story- "Monkey and the Cap Seller"

  • Children's day Celebration Kalpa School Banjara Hills, Hyderabad- 2003.

  • Literary Week For Scholastic India on the occasion of "Book Reading Session" at Delhi Public School-DPS Tarbund, Hyderabad-2006-2007 on "Colours" as part of "Science Lesson".

  • Story Telling Week 2006-2007 Story Telling session for Class-III on " Grand ma's Stories" for Delhi Public SChool-DPS Tarbaund, Hyderabad.

  • Library Week "A Book", "Our Planets", and " Our Surroundings" as part of The Hindu News Paper In Education-NIE at Atomic Energy Center-ACES School No1 & Atomic Energy Center School-ACES No-2, St. Adam's High School in 2005-2007.

  • Colour- Colour what do you say? At Oakridge International School, Programme was done through Scholastic.